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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To LSA Advanced Verification Questions

Search engine marketing can be complicated, that's why we are here to help answer questions you may have, and to provide guidance towards a successful digital marketing strategy with Google Local Service Ads. Take a moment to find answers to commonly asked questions on Google Ads LSA Advanced Verification.

What if I don't complete Advanced Verification?

Your ads will not appear in relevant search results.

How long does the LSA Advanced Verification process take?

Typically, two weeks, depending on your responsiveness.

Can the verification from Google Ads be used for Local Services ads?

Often, yes, but it may depend on specific circumstances and compliance with ongoing verification requirements.

What is the purpose of the Advanced Verification video call?

To visually confirm the existence and details of your business.

What if my business fails Advanced Verification?

You may contest the decision by submitting an appeal. Note that you are allowed only one appeal attempt, so it's absolutely crucial that Google's concerns have been addressed, and the issue has been resolved.

LSA Advanced Verification Error

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