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Google Ad Grants

Free Advertising For Non-Profits

Eligible non-profit organizations may benefit by utilizing Google ad grants to run paid advertising campaigns that Google provides at no cost. In order to take full advantage of this benefit, certain account and website criteria must be met and maintained on an ongoing basis. This includes proper account structure, effective ad copy, keyword targeting, and tracking to record minimum base conversion requirements.

Let us do all the hard work and maintenance to ensure that your Google Ad Grants account remains in compliance and renews each month. Our optimized strategy will make sure that your message is targeting your desired audience and attracting visitors that are interested in your cause. Tweaked SEM can help you achieve your goals and get the most from Google Ad Grants.


Advanced Strategies

Compliance Techniques & Methods

Google Ad Grants campaign success is dependant on several factors including the management of accounts, as well as website landing page design.

Combining a winning strategy that effectively connects with your target audience and attracts action is what we do best. Discover how we can help you too.

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Message & Ad Copy

Helping create effective and impactful, attention grabbing messaging for your specific target audience.

Targeting Laser targeting leads

The Right Audience

Focusing on the specific individuals that are most interested in your cause and interact with your business.

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Bid Management

Optimizing campaign keyword bids and keyword quality score to maximize your Google Ad Grants budget.

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Website UX

Website landing pages must provide natural navigation and clear call to actions for your campaign to succeed.

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Keep your cause top of mind for people that have already visited your website with effective remarketing.

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Ad Extensions

Take full advantage of the features and functionality that Google provides to maximize your ROI and donations.