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Why Advertise on Bing

Microsoft Bing Advertising

While Google is the largest search engine on the internet by market share and daily searches, Bing still controls a piece of the search engine industry as the second-largest search engine in the world. Every day people use Bing to conduct searches for related keywords, and like google, they have their own search engine advertising network. Since the size and traffic on Bing is significantly less than google, so are the cost of ads, providing an opportunity for advertisers to attract relevant traffic to their websites for less.

Increase your marketing reach and tap a new potential target audience with effective Bing advertising. Drive conversions at a lower cost compared to alternative search engine marketing options, and leverage a new opportunity. Contact the search engine marketing experts at Tweaked SEM for a free Bing advertising proposal.

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Advanced Strategies

Techniques & Methods

Similar to other search engine marketing platforms, Microsoft has its own suite of management features and configurations to help advertisers succeed.

We combine a winning strategy that effectively utilizes these advertising features and blends them with carefully crafted landing pages designed to convert.

Advertising Copy

Writing carefully crafted messaging that is designed specifically to evoke action from your target market.

Ad Targeting

Grabbing the attention of customers that are interested in your products and services, and most likely to convert.

Optimizing Bids

Carefully managing cost per click bid limits for keywords that have been chosen to attract the attention of users.

Website Flow

Combining ad messaging with landing page copy, and ensuring easy navigation, clear call to actions & contact details.

Ad Remarketing

Taking advantage of advanced advertising features to help keep your product and brand top of mind for potential customers.

Microsoft Network

Take advantage of additional advertising opportunities on the Microsoft network including platforms like Xbox and Outlook.

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