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X/Twitter Ad Management

X/Twitter Social Media Advertising

Take advantage of another social media platform to share your company message. Reach people with desired interests, those who mention specific tweet keywords, followers of specific accounts, and more. Capture users who have already engaged with your website and keep your brand top of mind with remarketing.

Discover a team of passionate digital marketing experts that combine exceptional customer service with result driven performance. Contact Tweaked SEM today for your free Instagram social media marketing consultation.

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Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation consultation on your paid social media marketing project. Whether you are looking to optimize and increase the effectiveness of an existing Instagram Ads campaign, or start a new one, Tweaked SEM can help you achieve your goals – for less.

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X/Twitter Advertising

X/Twitter Ad Targeting Techniques

Harness the X/Twitter platform by displaying ads on relevant search result pages, homepages, and within user timelines. Promote Tweets and Accounts more effectively with professional X/Twitter Ads management.

Depending on your advertising requirements and objectives, a combination of the following ad targeting techniques may be utilized to grow your brand recognition.

X/Twitter Keyword Targeting

Directly connect with users that mention keywords in tweets that are relevant to topics in your ads.

X/Twitter Interests & Followers

Reach individual people with desired interests, and those that have similar followers to specific accounts.

X/Twitter Tailored Audiences

Create a tailored remarketing list by uploading specific data, like emails and mobile phone numbers.

X/Twitter Behaviour Targeting

Focus in on the behaviours and actions of your desired target audience for even greater advertising effectiveness.

X/Twitter Event Targeting

Choose from a wide range of events, including international holidays, to target your advertising messages for.

X/Twitter Television

Television targeting takes advantage of Xs/Twitters lighting fast publication to push relevant ads in real time during video events.

for a full proposal on a new X/Twitter Paid Ads campaign, or a success audit of an existing one. We're always excited to build new long-term relationships and helping customers advertise more effectively with social media.

Connect With Your X/Twitter Crowd

Let Tweaked SEM conduct a free X/Twitter Ads audit to confirm your existing campaigns are set up most effectively. We'll take a deep dive in to confirm campaign configurations, settings, and ad copy to ensure that everything in your account has been set up for success.

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How We Manage Your Ads

X/Twitter Ads Management

We will attract more leads and customer contacts for your business with our bespoke X/Twitter Ads management.

Let us help your business achieve grater campaign success and get more for your marketing budget with professional X/Twitter Ads Management.

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  • Target Your Audience

    By researching your market niche and competitive industry, we are able to reach your most desired customers with precisely targeted ads that have been crafted to effectively resonate with your target audience.

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    Amplify Your Message

    Get your X/Twitter tweets and corporate brand account in front of more people that are interested in you. Connect with new and existing followers, and share your story in a more effective and convenient manner.

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    Convert Users

    Take advantage of advanced advertising strategies to help attract and convert visitors that engage with your X/Twitter advertising. Whether you are attracting greater visitors to your website or trying to achieve increased app downloads, you will get more from professional X/Twitter management.

Build Brand Image & Make Connections With Professional X/Twitter Advertising

Elevate your social media marketing strategy to the next level with paid ads on X/Twitter. Let us introduce you to your next customer with professional X/Twitter Ads management.