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What's Included In Our Free SEM Audit

Here are a few details on exactly what is included with our comprehensive Google Ads Performance audit. Discover the areas we review and assess to determine your campaign performance, and how we calculate results for your improvement.

Identify Wasted Money Current Spend

Learn whether your current Google Ads campaigns are effectively spending their budget. Our audit will look closely at reviewing your campaigns use of negative keywords, quality scores, location targeting, demographics, CPC bids, & additional campaign settings vital to your performance.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) Ad Performance

CTR, or Click-Through Rate is a calculation of the number of clicks your ads received divided by the number of times they were displayed. This figure is an important indicator of your Google Ads performance, as the CTR will help us understand the relevance and effectiveness of your ad copy.

Long Tail Keywords Keyword Optimization

An essential part of any successful campaign is proper implementation of long tail keywords in phrase, broad & exact match configurations. Proper implementations can ensure your account is not missing out on opportunities to attract relevant & low cost leads for your business.

Account Best Practice Minimal Optimizations

Certified Google Ads experts will review your account to ensure that configurations and settings meet the minimal account best practices. There are several, often missed configurations that are necessary to ensure that your account is preforming at a minimum.

Keyword Analysis Quality Score

Keyword Quality Score helps identify your individual keyword performance by rating a users overall experience with your ads and landing pages. We will help identify where this quality score may be lacking, and how to improve it to help optimize campaign spend.

Changes Review Account Activity

We will dive into reviewing how and what changes your current Google Ads Account manager has been completing historically. With this detailed insight we can identify missed opportunities or optimizations that may have been overlooked for better performance.

Ad Text Review Ad Copy

This detailed audit will review the ad text used in your advertisements to evaluate effective use, and whether your landing pages communicate the same message. Ensuring that the same message is communicated across your ads and the pages you send traffic to can help improve conversions.

UX & Usability Landing Pages

Almost every visitor to your Google Ads could end up on your landing pages, which means these pages need to be optimized to their maximum to ensure usability across devices and screen resolutions. It also means proper implementations of CTAs – call to actions, to ensure visitors get in touch.

And The Rest Google ADS KPIs

Out certified Google Ads Specialists will review the additional account factors that may be limiting performance, including keyword performance, ad impressions, click-through rates, cost per click bids, campaign goals, conversion tracking code, quality score, and more.

Tracking Code Implementation Conversion Code Audit

Running Google Ads campaigns is great, but ensuring accurate implementation of tracking codes is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our audit takes a closer look to confirm proper installation of tracking code, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads to ensure accurate reporting.

Location Targeting Geographic Optimization

Our certified ads specialists will analyze your current settings and identify any irrelevant locations that might be draining your budget. This helps ensure your ads are reaching the best audiences where your ideal customers are most likely searching, by focusing ads on high-performing locations.

Competitor Analysis Market Insights

Learn how your competitors are doing with our detailed competitor analysis. As we dig deeper into your competitor’s ad strategies, we’ll uncover details including their keywords, ad copy, and budget allocation. These details can help uncover their current strategies, helping identify opportunities to outperform.

Account Structure Organizational Review

An optimized account structure is the backbone of successful Google Ads management. Our audit will evaluate your account framework, including campaign and ad group settings, while looking closely at the use of best practices. Proper implementation facilitates easier management and clearer reporting.

Ad Assets Enhanced Visibility

Ad extensions or assets are vital for enhancing your ability to stand out from the crowd. Proper utilization of assets like, site links, callouts, structured snippets, images, call, promotion, location, price, and the new headline and description assets all work to boost your visibility and attract more leads.

Bid Strategy & Bids Cost Efficiency

Squeeze the most out of your digital marketing budget with the right bidding strategy. Our Ads specialists analyze your current bid settings, including manual bidding, enhanced CPC, maximize conversions, impression share, or automated bidding, making sure they are optimized to reach your goals.

Ready for a Google Ads evaluation and SEM Performance Audit? for a full detailed analysis by certified Google Ads Specialists, and discover if you are missing out on potential opportunities.

Our Audit will highlight your campaign performance and provide actionable insights on how you can more effectively utilize your Google Ads budget spend.

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