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Tweaked SEM can help craft a social marketing strategy on the platforms that are most relevant to your customer base. Whether you wish to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or more, our team of social media advertising experts can help you launch the next viral social media advertising campaign.

We'll help increase your website traffic, boost brand authority, and attract more customers with reliable and proven advertising techniques on a variety of social media platforms in an effective and consistent way.

Contact Tweaked SEM for a personal consultation on your social media marketing requirements, and discover how we can help you identify new opportunities for customer engagement.

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Contact Tweaked SEM today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation on your paid social media marketing project. Whether you are looking to optimize and increase the effectiveness of an existing paid social media marketing campaign, or start a new one, Tweaked SEM can help you achieve your goals – for less.

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Tailored Landing Pages & Messaging

The Tweaked SEM Plan For SMM Success

Paid social media marketing campaign success is not only dependent on the management aspect of accounts, but also the landing pages to which ad traffic is generated. Optimized landing pages allow for improved message communication that resonates with ad copy in a way that allows visitors to naturally interact with your website content potively.

Proper use and implementation of call to actions throughout your website landing page allow for clear and concise customer action to drive your visitors along their website journey. Additionally, proper implementation of landing pages helps boost SEO rankings by improving key search engine signals like time on page and pages per session, sending positive signals to search engines for both SMM and SEO.

New & Existing Customers Target Audience

Exhaustive research is conducted into the competitive landscape for your niche providing insight into the appropriate target audience, & how they interact with messaging. This allows customization of customer personas to effectively communicate with potential customers.

Website User Experience Landing Pages

Thorough and exhaustive research into the competitive landscape for your niche allows gained insight into who your appropriate target audience is. This allows the customization of customer personas to most effectively communicate with your potential customers.

Compelling Storytelling Creative & Ad Copy

Landing page optimization ensures that visitors that arrive at your website are more likely to follow through to your desired conversion action. This ensures that people read messages that resonate with your ad copy and compel them to follow through to contact and convert.

Key Performance Indicators Review & Analysis

Bright and clear, naturally placed call to actions help assist the visitor through their website journey as well. Inserting the right CTA's throughout your landing pages assist with conversions and naturally providing the visitor the next desired action to complete to get in touch.

Detailed Insight Accurate Reporting

Continually monitoring performance metrics, identifying new opportunities, and adjusting campaign settings on a regular basis allow campaigns to maximize budgets & deliver the best results. Let us help provide the greatest return on investment from your PPC marketing.

Call to Action Bright CTA's

Compelling ad copy crafted to resonate & connect with your target audience is essential to attract the attention of readers over your competition. Careful planning & research is conducted to ensure connection with the users search query, making them more likely to click.

for a full proposal on a new paid social media marketing project, or a success audit of an existing one. We're always excited to build new long-term relationships and helping customers advertise more effectively.

Social Media Marketing Audit

Concerned that your paid social media campaigns may not be performing at their full potential? A digital marketing audit will review and assess all aspects of your social media marketing campaign with the goal of determining where optimization and improvements are possible.

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Benefits of Paid Social Media Traffic

Why Paid Social Media Marketing May Work For You

There are several factors that can contribute to how your paid advertising campaigns may be configured and run. Many of these factors are dependent on your budget and desired goals, each of which can drive different configuration aspects within your account.

Boost Website Traffic Immediate Visitors

If you are seeking to immediately attract new & relevant traffic to your website, paid social media marketing is a good option for you. With SMM, you can generate targeted visitors to your website fast.

Get Leads More Customers

Get more customers with effective paid social media marketing strategies. Carefully crafted campaigns can be designed to dive more customers to your conversion action & customer contacts.

Increase Brand Awareness Get Noticed

Get your local business or national brand in front of the customers that matter most to you. Customized and targeted search campaigns allow you to attract clicks from the people that are most interested in your business and services.

New & Existing Customers Connections

Maintain existing connections and build new ones with social media marketing crafted to resonate with your audience. Harness artful storytelling and keep old & new customers engaged with your message.

for an in-depth audit of your business advertising needs and requirements. With our assistance, we can help you identify if a paid social media marketing campaign is the right option to grow your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising, more commonly referred to as PPC, is a digital advertising solution that promotes your desired ads on a pay per click basis. This means that you can promote your ads on search engines, social media channels, and advertising networks for costing that is based on the number of clicks that you receive to your ads.

You only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and arrives at your landing page. Furthermore, setting desired budgets and CPC bid amounts, allows you to decide the amount that you pay per click, and the positions in your advertising locations compared to competitors.

PPC advertising is great for generating new leads and customers.

Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Get in touch for a personalized audit and in-depth consultation on your social media marketing project. We can help you achieve your desired goals with professional SMM management.

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Providing Measurable Results

Calculate Your ROI, Reliably

Determining the success of any paid social media advertising campaign can only be determined by accurately measuring the results. Tweaked SEM ensures that proper tracking and measurement analytics are in place to accurately and efficiently measure the success of your paid advertising campaigns along every step of the way.

Regular reporting provides insight into current campaign success, while informing on future optimizations and adjustments to generate even greater results.

Ensure you have professional paid social media advertising management to take full advantage of your paid advertising budget and to deliver measurable results.

Effective Storytelling That Attracts Attention With Expert Social Media Marketing

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