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Facebook Social Media Advertising

Target leads more effectively and drive increased sales with a well-designed Facebook Ad campaign. We use demographics to target audiences based on their interests, and those who are most likely to convert. Amplify your brands message with advanced strategies that are designed to catch the attention of your most desired customers. Let Tweaked SEM social media marketing experts help maximize your return on investment and marketing dollars.

Increase visibility and drive website traffic with properly managed search engine marketing campaigns. Let us help you get the most out of every click. Thought proven methods and best practices, our team of SEM experts will help you get the most out of your paid search engine marketing campaigns.

Discover a team of passionate digital marketing experts that combine exceptional customer service with result driven performance. Contact Tweaked SEM today for your free Facebook social media marketing consultation.

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Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation consultation on your paid social media marketing project. Whether you are looking to optimize and increase the effectiveness of an existing Facebook Ads campaign, or start a new one, Tweaked SEM can help you achieve your goals – for less.

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Facebook Ad Process

Whatever your Facebook goal may be, our social media advertising strategy will help you attain it.

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  • Discovering You

    We start by conducting in-depth research into your business niche to better understand who and how your target audience interacts with social media messaging.

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    Targeting Prospects

    We work to identify potential customers by utilizing competitive insight and understanding your target audience. Identifying your potential and ideal customer allows us to leverage social media as a more effective advertising tool. This gets your ads in front of the right people and helps to resonate with readers that are most likely to click on your ads and contact your business.

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    Converting Readers

    Crafting the user journey involves determining how we want readers to interact with your content. Do we want to generate more Facebook likes, comments and post shares, clicks to your website, phone calls? Your desired conversion action is baked into our marketing strategy to ensure that people that interact with your advertising on Facebook go a step further to interact with you.

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